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What do I need to consider when choosing a photo for the personalized artwork / products?

What kind of images do you accept for personalization?

What type of pet can I get illustrated?

Can you illustrate humans / the owner of the pet?

Can I have individual illustrations instead of a group when purchasing more than one figure?

What is the ideal resolution for my photo?

How do I find the resolution of my photo?

Can I use photos that have been sent to me through messaging apps?

Which type of file format can I upload?


What is the delivery time for my order?

The delivery time for my order is longer than expected, why is this?

Is an express delivery option available for my order?

Can I have my order delivered to another address?

Can I have my order delivered to a PO box or post office?

How can I pay for my order?

Why are some payment methods not available for me?

When will I receive a confirmation for my order?

Where can I find the invoice for my order?

Can I change my order once I’ve placed it?

How can I use my voucher and gift cards?

Can I redeem multiple vouchers for one order?

How can I track my delivery?

How can I find out the status of my order?

When does production of my order begin?

How old do I have to be to order products from PAWTRAIT ART?


Can I make changes to my products after placing the order?

Can I cancel the order to exchange the product?

What if my order is incomplete or damaged?

What if I don't like the artwork or want to make changes?