Our pets have always played a huge part in our lives.
Some of them we grew up with, some were given to us as a token of love, and some are life-long best friends of the people we cherish. Like you, our pets are more than just that. More than just a companion. For us, they are family. For that reason, we decided to launch this company as a dedication to our best friends!

However, we have found that the art community, just like our pets, are some of the most friendly, dedicated, and loyal people around. They’re gifted with such creativity and passion.
Though we are a small start-up company based in different parts of the world, we are proud art and animal lovers by heart. For that reason, we work hard to provide the services we offer as a way of showing our appreciation for our love of art, family, and friendship.

We strive to provide the best and friendliest customer service possible. At any point, please feel free to contact us either via email or live chat and we will gladly help.

With our wide variety of artwork style choices and personalized products, we pride ourselves for having seasoned professional graphic artists who will provide the best possible illustration of your pet!
We use the finest quality materials and work directly with experienced manufacturers to cut out the middleman and offer our customers the very best deals for physical artworks.

Our team is always working hard around the clock to expand our catalogue, so make sure to revisit our website or subscribe to our mailing list for live updates and possible discount promos!
Our products work perfectly as a thoughtful gift for a loved one, a dedication for your pet, or as a lovely decoration for your home.

Now, go get your companions groomed up, take a stunning photo to show off their best features and let our artists work their magic immortalising them into the work of art they deserve to be!



- Co-Founder of Pawtrait Art -

Dan is our event coordinator. He is also incharge of customer service and often the first point of contact with our customers.

Strength - Creativity
Weakness - Technology


- Mascot & Model -

Our main motivation in building this company! Jeep is in charge of cuteness and cuddles at our office and also eating things he shouldn't.

Strength - Looking innocent
Weakness - Sitting still


- Co-Founder of Pawtrait Art -

Ezra is our lead designer. She manages the website, social media, and our large team of artists.

Strength - Attention to detail
Weakness - Chocolate