Our team of artists can work from the vast majority of photos uploaded by our customers. However, the quality of the photo directly affects the quality and positive result of your completed artwork. So to get the best from your artwork we have created this handy guide for taking or choosing the right photo!

Below are three examples of photos that will achieve the best results. 

We recommend taking a new photo of your pet for our artists. This means we have the most recent likeness of them and you can make sure your pet is looking their best! Now would be a great time to treat your companion to a new haircut, relaxing wash, or a fresh grooming!

We realize that in some cases this is not possible. Such as a special photograph with meaning being illustrated or if your pet is sadly no longer with us. In which case please feel free to upload any picture you wish. 


Images where the subject is too far away results in wasted pixels and reduces quality. 

Images that are too close to the subject creates a distorted view of them.
If taking a new photo, we recommend it is taken at eye level with your pet and that subject/s take up to 3/4 of the image. 

Remember to keep your hands and pet still! We know sometimes it's easier said than done... But a blurry image cannot be used by our artists as fine details will be harder to notice, which will negatively affect the quality of your finished illustration.

Please avoid cropping your images too close to the subject.
For example if your pets ears, nose, or body (for full body illustrations) are not in the shot then our artists will not be able to include them. 
Also avoid cropping images to increase the size of a subject from a photo where they are too far away.

Please avoid unnatural filters when sending us an image. Filters will often affect the colors and tone of your photo and our artists will not be able to illustrate your pets true likeness. 

Please ensure there is adequate lighting for your photo (taking a photo outside in natural sunlight is unbeatable!).

Our artists will have a harder time defining detail and illustrating your pets personal traits with images that are too dark or have too much shadow. 

If your illustration will not have a custom background we recommend wherever possible to use plain backgrounds such as a wall or grass.

If you have purchased one subject to be illustrated, we advise sending in images with just this subject so there are no other distractions. If there are other subjects in the photo please identify which you would like illustrated.

For purchases of two or more subject illustrations, you can either send in one picture with all of the subjects together or individual photos for our artists to merge into one group illustration.