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“Don't have a cow man” But if you do don't worry, we can illustrate cows no problem!

It's super easy, just follow these simple steps!

  1. Choose how many pets or people you want in your artwork. Our artists are great so don’t worry about the species, we have done everything from cats to turtles! More than 5? Please contact us so we can customize your order.
  2. Select if you’d like the painting shoulders up or full body.
  3. Choose if you’d like a background. Simple e.g. one colour, or custom e.g. buildings, objects etc. You’ll get a chance to tell our artists the details of your background later on.
  4. Send a note to your artist. This is a chance to really customise your artwork! Please specify everything you would like such as the background, facial expression and if you would like your pet's name on the artwork etc. Also try to let us know what your pets personality is like so we can get your Pawtrait Purrfect!
  5. Upload as many pictures as you can so your artist has a wide range of images to use as a reference. The first image you upload will be the one our artists work from, if you would like us to work from another photo please specify this in your notes. Remember the quality of the photo will directly result in the quality of the artwork so make sure to choose your pet’s best side!
  6. Add the artwork to your cart & follow the steps to checkout.
  7. Your artist will now get to work creating your Pawtrait!

Please note; unless you’ve added a physical print product, this will be delivered as a digital file only.

Any details not specified in your notes will be assumed by our artists. Requests for changes to the final illustration which we deem as not included or indicated clearly enough in your original order notes may result in additional charges, so please make sure you include as much detail as possible.